2015 Valdesil Montenovo Blanco

Valdeorras, Spain


Winemaker: Jose Ramon Gayoso
Vineyard/Year: Bodegas Valdesil / 2015
Being poured at: MoVida Next Door

This marvellous, revitalised Estate is emblematic of the return-to-terroir manifesto that can now be witnessed throughout the finest European wine regions.

Over the past five years we have seen an almost dizzying rise in the quality of wines from this Galician producer.

Crafted from 15-30 year old, massale selection Godello vines (propagated from the oldest, ‘baddest’ Godello vines in the area) rooted in the black slate hills of Valdeorras, this is a seriously impressive entry-level wine from one of the very top Galician growers.

Tasting notes

Valdesil have become a heavyweight champion in the world of Godello. This crystalline example is pulpy and racy with a chalky, almost Chablis-like tangy note squeezed into the invigorating flavours of crisp orchard fruit, white flowers and Comice pear.

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