Monkey 47

The Black Forest, Germany


Region: The Black Forest, Germany
Distillery: Black Forest Distillers
Established: 2013

This unique gin from the Black Forest in Germany contains 47 botanicals, with 5 being native to the area. 6 different types of pepper and the addition of cranberries makes this a rich and exciting gin. The Juniper berries come from the Mediterranean which are known to receive 4-6 more weeks of sun than their Tuscan and German cousins.

The ingredients are steeped in French made molasses alcohol 36 hours prior to distillation, then the distilled spirit is rested for 3 months in earthenware containers. Soft water from the Black Forest is then added to bring the spirit to 47% ABV.

Tasting Notes
A great gin to keep returning to as it often shows you something new that you may have overlooked previously. Aromas of lime, juicy berries and woody undertones. This is a rich, complex gin with flavours of sweet liquorice, cardamon and hibiscus. This smooth, enticing gin will have you discovering something new time and time again.

Serving Suggestion
Try it neat with sage, or with a solid tonic and a slice of orange.

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