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The Malbec Pack



Malbecs were long rejected in France for being lesser blending grapes, until the Argentinians transformed them into an excellent single varietal in the late 1800s. Now 75% of Malbec vines are grown in Mendoza.

This stunning collection of three premium Malbecs reflects the spirit of Mendoza, from terroir to viniculture.

2013 Jed ‘Reserve’ Malbec – Mendoza, Argentinia
Made by three Australian winemakers in Mendoza. Wonderfully elegant, light cherry sweetness with oaky depth. A stunning example of incredible Argentinian Malbec. Limited amounts in stock.

2016 Esperando Los Barbaros Malbec – Mendoza, Argentinia
Hand picked from a single vineyard site. Fermented in Amphora. Nothing but bright, juicy, plummy, cherry, earthy, spicy goodness.

2012 Tikal Natural Malbec/Syrah – Mendoza, Argentinia
A blend of Malbec and Syrah grapes, the ‘Natural’ is an organic ripe fruit beauty with a perfect oaky tinge that is elegant, full bodied and complex.

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