Negroni Please!

Shipping included.


The classic cocktail. Equal parts over a cube of ice and garnished with the thinnest peel of orange.

In each of The Local Drop Negroni Pack you will receive:

  • Maidenii Vermouth Victoria
  • Malfy Gin Italy
  • Campari Italy
  • 6 of the most perfect oranges

Tasting notes

How to make a Negroni

The Local Drop’s Jay Bessell shows us how to make a classic Negroni.

  1. Measure 30ml of MALFY gin
  2. Add gin to mixing glass
  3. Measure 30ml of Maidenii Sweet Vermouth
  4. Add sweet vermouth to mixing glass
  5. Measure 30ml of Campari
  6. Add Campari to mixing glass
  7. Thoroughly stir your Negroni and pour over ice in your glass
  8. Add a twist of orange zest
  9. Enjoy!

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