Stefano Lubiana Sparkling Brut

Derwent Valley, Tasmania


Winemaker: Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon
Vineyard/Year: Stefano Lubiana/ NV
Being poured at: Aria

Highly sought after Sparkling wine from one of the most innovative and progressive winemakers in Tasmania. Certified Biodynamic – Tasmania’s first.

A 65:35 blend of Chardonnay & Pinot Noir, predominantly estate-grown with some select parcels of Derwent Valley fruit. Mix of two terroirs: grey gravelly loams over clay and red loam over gravel. 2014 base vintage with 10% 2012 reserves. Vinified in a blend of small oak, large oak and stainless steel and given full malolactic conversion. Méthode traditionnelle, with a minimum of two years on lees and one year on cork pre-release.

Tasting notes

The natural viticulture, low yields and incorporation of reserve wines create a sparkling wine that tastes fruit-pure, intense, rich, creamy and complex.

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