Using wine to connect with your top customers

Using wine to connect with your top customers

“I want to gift a bottle of wine to all our top customers that we haven’t connected to in a long time.”
Nigel (Fund manager)

The power of wine is immense. Personally, it has put me in front of people from all walks of life. From fantastic customers that simply want an interesting six pack delivered once every three months, to people that want to gift a scarce magnum of aged Cullen ‘Kevin John’ Chardonnay to a homesick friend living abroad.

But what of the power in receiving a bottle of wine?

We are fortunate to manage the settlement gifts for a number of real estate agencies across Australia. We call the new home owner or investor – ask them what they like to drink and then deliver it to them promptly on behalf of their agent. A somewhat simple gesture – but the response of people when they receive our call is way beyond what you might imagine.

And then we have Nigel… Been in the role three months and soon realises that his predecessor had simply stopped engaging with the firm’s top customers in any meaningful way. Nigel starts with his top 25,introduces himself and simply asks “…what do you like to drink”. He then gets out of the office the following afternoon and hand delivers 25 individual bottles of wine himself, with a personalised note apologising for the lack of communication. He reports back to me that the ROI was well in his favour for this simple gesture.

To me it speaks clearly of intent… that these companies didn’t simply put out another bottle of Moet into the ether – but that someone took the time to ask someone else what they like – sourced it, and got it delivered at light speed.

Call me 0431 611 474 and I can help you reconnect with your customers and clients. 


Cheers, Jag

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