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Where it all started

Meet our Founder

I’ve worked in hospitality in Melbourne for years, everywhere from Marios to Movida. I’ve always loved the service in these iconic restaurants, where first-time customers are treated like regulars, and regulars are treated like royalty.

I’ve also owned and operated espresso bars, busy spots where I knew the name, coffee order and life story of almost everybody who walked through the door.

After work, I’d often swing by a small bar for a glass of wine. I noticed that the bartender was always telling patrons about new or interesting wines, but the place was too small to stock them all.

That’s how I got the idea for The Local Drop, an online wine shop with the service of a hatted restaurant and the familiarity of your local cafe. It started with a shelf in 3 x 3 metre sublet, and it’s grown into something I’m really proud of.

Exceptional wine and silver-level service are my passions, and I endeavour to provide every customer with both. Never hesitate to contact us with questions or requests, and if you’re not happy, ask for my number.

Here’s to health and happiness,


A Wine Club with a Difference

Superior wines and first-class service – we’re here to make your life easier, and tastier.