Welcome to Campania


The team at The Local Drop wants to take you on a journey to Campania.  We have tasted over fifty wines to settle on our favourite six.  In ancient Roman times it was Campania that was one of the most favoured wine growing areas of the Empire till Vesuvius erupted and changed everything.  Now it's those same soils enriched from the lava flow that has once again made Campania such an important winegrowing region.

In this delivery you will find six different grapes from six different regions within Campania.  From a light and floral Greco to a brooding Taurasi (that we recommend to decant before breakfast to enjoy at dinner), this is a unique collection to say the least.  You will also find tasting notes for each wine, a map of Campania and of course a bag of pasta from one of the oldest artisanal producers in the region - complete with a rustic recipe.

Some of these wines are made in very small quantities and this selection is limited.  $259 including delivery (retail value - $289)