Gabriel-Glas Super Stem (6 Pack)

A universal glass for red and white wine


“I guess it’s a case of ‘well if you think you can do better – go for it’. Swiss wine writer, René Gabriel, has designed a wine glass that, in my view, is brilliant.” Bob Campbell MW.

The glass is the brainchild of Swiss-German wine writer René Gabriel, who developed it with Austrian glass innovator Siegfried Seidl and launched it in 2010. The glass feels great in the hand and on the lip, and makes wine look, smell and taste the best it can. It has a single design that works for red and white wines, be they still, sparkling or sticky.

In the words of its creator, the glass’s secret lies in the “bouquet-drive” at the bottom of the glass, which heightens aroma development. “The slightly conical glass design concentrates the bouquet regardless of white, red or sweet wines,” says René Gabriel. “All of them provide a maximum of enjoyment. The glass remains resistant in spite of its fineness.”

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