Conterno Sensory Stem (Twin Pack)

A wine glass to change your life


Sensory was conceived in July, 2017, after a discussion between the Winery Conterno Giacomo and Zwiesel Kristallglas. Conterno wanted to create a wine glass that fully enhances the characteristics of great wines. In the designing stage they focused on a shape that involves all the senses; thus the name Sensory was born. The glass expresses sensuality to the eye; it is perfectly balanced in the hand as well as producing a clear and lasting sound. The large base of the bowl together with the curve in the mid-section and the opening of the rim amplify the aromas generating a full and smooth effect on the palate..

  • Perfect shape with the maximum design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Weighs little more than 100 grams
  • Created with mouth-blown lead free crystal

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