Domaine A ‘Lady A’ Sauvignon Blanc



The first vintage of ‘Lady A’ was made in secret as a present for Ruth Althaus in 1996. Inspired by the famous oaked Sauvignon Blanc of Bordeaux, Lady A has earned a cult status reputation around the globe. It is a wine of astounding fruit purity, superb elegance and complexity. A bright core of citrus fruit is woven with subtle nuances of oak and natural acid drive.

“Huge perfume of nougat, lemon curd, ginger and sandalwood. Palate is rich, unctuous and yet dry. A powerful, intense white of great depth and layers of nougat, cinnamon spice, lemon curd (again) and brioche sweet-savouriness. All that and a beautifully poised rivulet of steely, intense, lemony acidity underneath. Wonderful stuff.” – Mike Bennie