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The Club

Six wines, every month, handpicked for your palate.


Joining The Local Drop gets you a monthly delivery of six premium bottles of wine chosen especially for you. It also gets you your very own Personal Sommelier.

Your Personal Sommelier will select wines for you each month based specifically on your palate – we don’t just send what we have in stock or get cheap.

You’re welcome to request particular wine-makers or bottles, and we encourage feedback about what you did and didn’t like in previous deliveries.

It’s all about you.

I love wine and I like trying new bottles, otherwise it gets boring.
I worked out I was spending far more buying wine from week to week, than joining a wine club, and I wanted more than the limited options at my local bottlo. As a member of The Local Drop I now get 6 amazing bottles delivered to my home every month, and it’s great value.”
Gillian, Melbourne

A Wine Club with Taste

Superior wines and first-class service.


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