Meet the Winemakers – Sam Cook and Alastair Reed, Konpira Maru

Meet the Winemakers – Sam Cook and Alastair Reed, Konpira Maru

Sam Cook and Alastair Reed, are the duo behind the Konpira Maru label, they source grapes from the top of New England, NSW all the way down to Kilmore in Victoria. Alastair a lecturer in viticulture at Melbourne Polytechnic and Sam an ex-wine merchant, the boys are making some seriously fun wines that are made to drink now.

All their wines are made without additions, naturally fermented and sent straight to bottle after a watchful eye on the fermentation. There’s no mucking around with their wines, they are designed to be consumed immediately.

We have put together a great three pack to celebrate the release of their new vintages. $75 – free shipping included.

They include:

  • 2017 Konpira Maru Rosé – Whitlands, VIC
  • 2017 Konpira Maru Admiral Ackbar Semillon – Quarry Ridge, Kilmore
  • 2017 Konpira Maru Gymkata Syrah – Quarry Ridge, Kilmore

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