Meet the Winemakers – Giorgio de Maria, June 22nd 2017

Meet the Winemakers – Giorgio de Maria, June 22nd 2017

Our second tasting in the “Meet the Winemakers” series saw Giorgio de Maria with special guest Tom Shobbrook. For those of you that don’t know Giorgio – he is the king of importing lo-fi wine made by small family owned and operated vineyards from Italy into Australia. He is passionate about the cultivation of indigenous Italian varieties, the hands on approach to winemaking and most of all giving back to the families that produce the wine.

The night started off with N.V Carolina Gatti Bolle Corsare, a beautiful “Pet Nat” style Prosecco that had been resting on lees for a few months with no filtration. This wine set the tone of the night, that tone being the rest of the wines you are about to try aren’t like anything you have drunk before.

We then went onto the stunning 2015 Cantina Giardino Volpe Rosa, a wine so low yielding only 420 bottles are made each vintage. Giorgio has 120 of them. Zippy acidity, sherbert, passionfruit and starburst were just some of the describing words flying around the room. An amazing, super special wine we were so happy to be pouring and to have an allocation of.

Amongst the beautiful craziness of Giorgios wine we had the pleasure of having Tom Shobrook with us. He introduced his Tommy Ruff 2017 Nouveau, yes 2017. The grapes were literally picked, crushed, pressed, fermented, blended then bottled within a 12 week timeframe. Wow! A wine so fresh yet with so many layers of complexity it left you wanting to polish off the bottle. Absolutely delicious.

We finished off the evening with a very special bottle Giorgio had for us, the Dr Giuseppe Cappellano Barolo Chinato. A herbaceous Barolo with a secret blend of hand crushed herbs and spices that to this day no one know’s what specific ingredients are used. Served with a fine dark chocolate it topped the night off perfectly.

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