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Love Your Work – Conor Markey, Community Bread

A curious thing is happening at the moment.  At the same time that we are doing things faster and more seamlessly – we are also appreciating aspects of life that belong to a previous era.  Things like having a loaf of bread being delivered warm to your door by the person that made it.

Community Bread is solely owned and operated by Conor Markey, and is one of Melbourne’s most exciting start ups.  Conor uses organic flour, allows a natural ferment of 40 hours, bakes and delivers on subscription to people’s homes or workplaces.

The bread is superb.  As fresh as possible and still warm – made using the best ingredients at hand.  Community Bread also offer gift vouchers if you would like to make sure someone else gets the bread they deserve, delivered.

Conor Markey – 0432 794 466

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