How to choose wine for your wedding

How to choose wine for your wedding

So you have found an incredible venue… something that will look perfect when you are surrounded by your friends, family and significant other.  You have someone you trust cooking for the big day which leaves one thing left (as if!!) to organise – what is everyone going to drink on the night and how much of it do you need?

So let’s start with a simple equation that serves us well – amount of guest multiplied by how many hours you will be celebrating for.  For example, 100 of your nearest and dearest for 6 hours will equate to 600 glasses of wine or 120 bottles.  This allows everyone to average a glass of wine for every hour of speeches, toasts and questionable dance moves. 

Before you can start tasting your way around the world lets divide your wine budget (e.g $3000) by the amount of wines you need (120 bottles) and you have your bottle price of $25. 

Now… let the fun begin.  As this would be a sizeable and welcomed order for any wine retailer, expect the opportunity to try a number of wines to make an informed decision.  It would be reasonable to have 4-5 sparkling wines, whites and reds lined up and ready for you to choose from.  Make your decision on what you love and what you feel is the best value.  The wine should then be ordered, held and despatched on the day for you – making it one less thing to worry about.

5 tips for selecting wine for your wedding:

1. Do your numbers

2. Try, try, try and try some more.

3. Look for wines that you love and your guests will remember fondly

4. Make sure your wine contact does the heavy lifting on the day – you will have enough to worry about.

5. Keep a selection of your wedding wine in the cellar for the years to come.

Need help or advice?
Let us help you with your wedding wine. Contact us and we can take the stress out of choosing, and help make the day memorable.

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