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Six unique and diverse wines from Rioja, Spain


In Spain, Rioja has been synonymous with wine for over a thousand years.

The wines of Rioja are the most famous of Spain and its long tradition in some ways supports their fame. Located south of the Cantabrian Mountains along the Ebro river, La Rioja benefits from a continental climate. The mountains help to isolate the region which has a moderating effect on the climate. They also protect the vineyards from the fierce winds that are typical of northern Spain. The region is also home to the Oja river (Rio Oja), believed to have given the region its name. The denomination of origin spreads along 54.000 hectares and three different Communities – La Rioja, Basque province of Alava and Navarre.

It is true that traditionally many wines have been made by blending fruit from all three regions. However this Rioja collection is NOT about big Bodegas buying fruit from a vast region and blending a house style to suit an international market.

This collection is all about the different grape varieties, the small producers, different soils, altitude and even the joy of showing some single-zone wines. In short this six bottle journey within will allow you to enjoy the real Rioja, in a glass without the influence of mass production factory Rioja so famous on the shelves of supermarkets globally. I’ll drink to that.

The Rioja collection contains:

  • Six unique and diverse wines from Rioja
  • Extensive tasting notes for each wine
  • Recipe card with saffron threads from Casa Iberica (Australia’s premier Spanish food importer)
  • A map of the region

Shipping is included.

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