Are wine quizzes a waste of your valuable (drinking) time?

Wine quizzes – do they reveal anything about your wine preferences, or are they a waste of your valuable (drinking) time?

You go online to search for a particular wine or explore a wine region and immediately get bombarded by wine sites promising to select exactly the right wine just for you, matched specifically to your taste. All you need to do is complete a quiz to ascertain your personal wine preferences.

Sounds logical right? Surely answering questions like what type of fruit smoothie you’d order for breakfast or whether you are a couch potato or an avid outdoor adventurer will get right to the heart of what wine varieties or styles you like to drink? Um… computer says no!

What has a smoothie got to do with determining your personal wine likes or dislikes? How can a five question quiz magically reveal that you prefer a racy Riesling over a full bodied, textural Chardonnay? Does a love of fast cars or a penchant for climbing mountains mean you are more likely to drink Cabernet Sauvignon over Pinot Noir?

How can an impersonal set of questions begin to drill down on your unique likes, dislikes, and drinking habits? What has how much you spend on a bottle got to do with whether you like light bodied reds, crisp whites, or sweet wines? And will knowing if you like milk or dark chocolate determine which wine regions and styles you like? Or are yet to explore?

Sounds like an excuse to not talking to your customers.

If you are going to spend your hard earned cash signing up to a regular wine subscription of a mixed dozen, or need the perfect bottle as a gift for your boss/wife etc, wouldn’t you prefer to know that it had been selected by a knowledgeable, real-life, wine loving expert? Rather than relying on a computer generated survey that has nothing to do with wine – or you for that matter.

Decades working in some of the best restaurants in Australia has trained us to ask the specific questions to get that perfect wine into your glass or cellar. Every time!

Hate big reds? No worries! Do you have a love of small grower producer Champagne – we’ve got you covered! Want to explore the difference between Syrah and Shiraz or old world and new world Chardonnay? Easily done. Only drink Burgundy from the 2015 vintage – makes sense to us.

Are you intrigued by “natural” wines and what does natural wine even mean anyway? We’ll send you a selection that will broaden your wine knowledge without breaking the bank. Do you love aged German Riesling? We know where to source it from. Need to find a rare bottle of Port for a loved one’s significant birthday – leave it to us. Have a really fussy client who needs a very special gift – we’ve got your back.

Want a delicious mixed dozen reds and whites for $350 delivered to your door with tasting notes, on a regular basis – consider it done!

We go to great lengths to make sure our selections match your palate and your budget – and suit the occasion, season or person you are buying them for. And on the off chance you happen not to enjoy a particular bottle – we will swap it for something else no questions asked!

All beautifully gift wrapped and boxed, delivered to your home or work.

No fuss, no wasting your time and definitely no condescending, silly or irrelevant questions. Just good old fashioned service, knowledge, professionalism and follow-up.

This is what we do at The Local Drop!

Contact Jag at The Local Drop to talk about the wines you adore – and to discover new wines to love.
Mob: 0431 611 474

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