A conversation with Brian Conway from Izway Wines

A conversation with Brian Conway from Izway Wines

We caught up for a quick drink with Brian Conway from Izway Wines in the Barossa Valley.

1. What are you drinking now and why?

2016 Izway Aglianico, I was thirsty and it was the closest bottle. Our lovely and loyal supporters tell me it is a very nice wine also which is very kind.

2. Whats been the wine thats surprised you recently?

A glass of 2008 Mount Mary Triolet/magnum. The only wine I have ever had in my life that had Durian on the nose and palate! It reinforced my love for the fruit and a wine that has been a favourite for many years. So lovely in its youth and ever so complex with age.

3. What should we be drinking?


4. What restaurant is doing wine well?

That’s to hard based on so many incredible restaurants doing wine well but recently had dinner at The Lincoln Carlton which had a stunning list and Dinner by Heston which had a wine list so damn good it hurt.

5. What food and wine are you matching?

Older Barossa Grenache and Sichuan Boiled Fish/shui zhu yu. As soon as the actual provence catches on there will not be a single bottle of Grenache left in the Barossa Valley, the perfect match.

6. Is there a wine region that is taking off that we should know about?

I cannot name a single region but the most exciting thing for me is when someone makes a wine as their expression of the region they are in. They literally pin it to their chest and put it out there as an extension of themselves, the place, the grapes, the terroir that they love. You taste it, you see their vision, their region, their passion and skill combined in a glass, in your hand and smile. How good is that!

7. You favourite wine related experience?

Drinking wine, any wine, with my wife.

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