Stone & Crow Nightwalker + 2019 Stoney Rise Pinot Noir

2019 Stoney Rise Pinot Noir + Stone & Crow Nightwalker

Wine + Harper & Blohm Cheese


2019 Stoney Rise Pinot Noir  enjoy with Stone & Crow Nightwalker 180g (tasting note).

Nightwalker is a small washed rind cheese has a soft texture that becomes gooey with age. The milk comes from a single herd of Friesian & Jersey cows managed by Lee Shera Jones in the Yarra Ranges. To create its tell-tale pungency, the cheesemaker washes the cheese in brine every day for the first couple of weeks, until the cheese is ready to wrap for sale. The final flavour is typical of washed rind cheeses, with meaty notes and a creamy finish.

The 2019 Stoney Rise Pinot Noir comes from what I think will be a great vintage in time to come.  It was a beautiful, long mild season, where everything just seemed to fall into place.

It is a very fragrant wine, with red cherries and red currants the dominant characters with hints of roses.  The palate is fresh and succulent with some Campari like crunchiness. There is some fine tannin coin from the 15% old vine fruit, and whilst still a young wine it is already well balanced.

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