2017 Nocturne Chardonnay

2017 Nocturne Chardonnay

Magaret River, Australia


Vineyard/Year: Nocturne / 2017
Winemaker: Julian Langworthy

“2017 is an excellent Chardonnay vintage in Margaret River – likely the best we’ve seen from this vineyard. The fruit had great flavour at low potential alcohol levels, and amazingly vibrant natural acid. It’s a touch finer than the previous vintage and has length of flavour that will take your breath away. The trademark minerality is there in spades and it’ll be a little hard to actually let it go – though it will be good for our sobriety.” Alana & Julian Langworthy

Marzipan, struck match, quince and lavender-like florals with an edge of funk. Cashew, white peach, cinnamon, pear and lime flavours with a divine texture, with a powerful yet effortless seaspray-like finish.

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