2015 Livio Felluga Venezia Giuila IGT Vertigo

2015 Livio Felluga Venezia Giuila IGT Vertigo

Friuli, Italy


Winemaker: Andrea Felluga
Vineyard/Year: Livio Felluga / 2015
Being poured at: Kisume

Livio Felluga is recognized as the man who re-established Friuli’s winemaking heritage after the Second World War that had seen the rural population move away abandoning the crops. Convinced that only high-quality viticulture could breathe new life into the Friulian countryside, Livio began to restore old vineyards and plant new ones, introducing innovative ideas and techniques.

The blending of varietals in Vertigo serves two purposes. Merlot, which has been traditionally used in Friulian viticulture, forms a link between Friuli and the rest of the world. Cabernet Sauvignon adds balance and complexity to the wine, giving Vertigo structure and aging potential.

Tasting notes

Vibrant, long, and well-structured; tannins are well balanced with the acidity; intensely fruity, herbaceous, and spicy aftertaste.
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