Stefano Lubiana Sparkling Brut

Stefano Lubiana Sparkling Brut

Derwent Valley, Tasmania


Highly sought after Sparkling wine from one of the most innovative and progressive winemakers in Tasmania. Certified Biodynamic – Tasmania’s first.

A 65:35 blend of Chardonnay & Pinot Noir, predominantly estate-grown with some select parcels of Derwent Valley fruit. Mix of two terroirs: grey gravelly loams over clay and red loam over gravel. 2014 base vintage with 10% 2012 reserves. Vinified in a blend of small oak, large oak and stainless steel and given full malolactic conversion. Méthode traditionnelle, with a minimum of two years on lees and one year on cork pre-release.

Stefano have been cultivating vines under biodynamic conditions since 2010 (Tasmania’s first and only) which means that the wines are free of all synthetic treatments, additives and pesticides.

Tasting notes

The natural viticulture, low yields and incorporation of reserve wines create a sparkling wine that tastes fruit-pure, intense, rich, creamy and complex.
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