2018 Von Buhl Riesling QBA Dry

2018 Von Buhl Riesling QBA Dry

Pfalz, Germany


Winemaker: Mathieu Kauffman
Vineyard/Year: Von Buhl Estate / 2018

With the arrival of ex-Bollinger chef de cave Mathieu Kauffmann, the wines of this celebrated Pfalz estate have shifted up yet another gear. Now drier than ever.

Von Buhl’s entry level dry Riesling is drawn, in the main, from the estate’s sandstone-rich vineyards around the villages of Deidesheim, Forst and Ruppertsberg. All the estate vineyards are farmed organically and the wine is naturally fermented in stainless steel, with some parcels fermented in Von Buhl’s oval dopplestück casks. In some vintages, a portion of the blend is sourced from regional growers who follow Von Buhl’s strict charter of viticulture (though are not necessarily certified organic).

The citrus-coloured, dry 2015 Von Buhl Riesling has a clear, precise and refreshing nose with reduced fruit; the aromas are already far more complex than what you expect from a Gutswein. The wine has grip and character on the palate, and is stimulatingly crisp. It is so clear and pure, like only very few German Rieslings.

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