2016 Francesco Cirelli Trebbiano D'Abruzzo | The Local Drop

2016 Francesco Cirelli Trebbiano D’Abruzzo

It took me all of 4 seconds to buy this wine…

It took me all of 4 seconds to buy this wine…  The fact that the woman showing it to me was one of the best in the game helped. There are a bunch of wine reps that are incredibly knowledgeable, hard working and intensely passionate about their wine.  Emily and I worked together with Jay Bessell (head wine buyer at The Local Drop) in a somewhat overpriced Italian restaurant many many years ago.  A restaurant where some life long friendships were made and have endured.  Whatever Jag… get to the wine:

Introducing the 2016 Francesco Cirelli Trebbiano.  Organic fruit that is aged in clay amphora gives this wine a freshness and lightness.  An ancient winemaking method pioneered by the Greeks &  Romans is once again in use, ageing this wine for 12 months.  Texture and freshness. Thank you Emily!

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